• Engineering

  • Industrial assembly

  • Structural maintenance

  • Industrial maintenance

  • Field machining



Rigging Studies
Structural calculation

Industrial assembly

Assembling of electromechanical equipment
Assembling of metal structures
High, medium and low voltage electrical assembly
Assembling of pneumatics and hydraulics instrumentation
Field machining
Reform of tanks, condensers, silos, etc.
Recovery of belt conveyors
Assembling of large machines for the mining, steel and pulp industry

Structural maintenance

Maintenance of solid bulk conveyors
Maintenance of car dumpers
Maintenance of large machines for the mining, steel and pulp industry
Structural recovery at scheduled stoppages for industrial plants

Industrial maintenance

PLAMONT acting with the customer’s PCM, making the planning and performing of the routine maintenance of its plants, such as:

Solid bulk movement equipment
Port loading and unloading equipment
Process equipment: disc filters, vibrating screens, roller screens, pelletizing furnaces, thickeners, ball mills, metering scales
Maintenance at scheduled stoppages for mining, steel and pulp plants

Field machining

PLAMONT creates solutions and devices that allow the machining of equipment on the customers’ plant, bringing technical and economical solutions such as lead time reduction and increased equipment availability. Today, it already has numerous devices to face, grinding, beveling, milling, thinning, cutting, drilling, turning, sawing and boring in the field.

Plamont field machining advantages

Reduction of operational stoppages
Specialized and trained workmanship
Significant financial economy