PLAMONT’s culture of quality allows the company to grow in a sustainable manner and continuously seek to improve its processes and services aiming to satisfy all stakeholders in its business. The engagement and commitment of employees and compliance with the requirements of applicable standards and legislation were essential for the adoption of an integrated structure capable of harmonizing people’s satisfaction and implementing a genuine quality system and capable of adding differentials to their projects. The company has the ISO 9001 certification, which consolidates its good management practices.

For PLAMONT quality control, all services performed are registered and documented in data book and time-lapse, generating a complete historical of each activity developed and ensuring traceability of its processes.

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Integrated Management Policy

Plamont, a supplier of electromechanical assembly and maintenance services operating in the national market, is committed to preserving the environment, acting in the control and prevention of pollution, as well as in improving the health and safety conditions of its employees , accident prevention, maintaining physical integrity, appreciation to the human being and defense of life, aiming to meet the legislation and requirements of its customers, continuously improving its operations and its Integrated Management System.”

Occupational Safety & Health and Environment are part of the PLAMONT values and are priorities in the management of its business.