The efforts, energy and resources applied by everyone at PLAMONT must be intended for this management philosophy, as it represents the base on which the company was consolidated. It identifies what differentiates it from other companies in the sector.

Group of people clapping hands during a meeting conference.


Provide our customers with electromechanical assembly and maintenance services and engineering with excellence, prioritizing the health and safety of our employees and preserving the environment.


To be a national reference for electromechanical and engineering assembly and maintenance company, exceeding safety, quality and environmental preservation standards.


Appreciation of the human being; Respect for life; Employees appreciation with health and safety practices at work; Respect for the environment; Boldness in business activities; Commitment to people and society; Continuous improvement of the processes; Excellence and quality in the service provision; Sustainable development.

PLAMONT walks with the simplicity that has guided its steps since its incorporation.