Throughout PLAMONT’s history, vitality and renewal have always gone together in the projects developed by the company. We believe that when the work is done based on talent and boldness it becomes unbeatable. Since it was organized in 1999, PLAMONT aims to be a reference company in its operation sector, seeking commercial strength and an innovating vision. During this period, the company has evolved constantly and today it is recognized for its ability to perform and shows full dynamism and sustainability.

PLAMONT is specialist in electromechanical engineering, assembling and maintenance, with structure, productive capacity and know-how to conduct business and meet the demands of large-scale works throughout the Brazil. Its industrial park has more than 7,500 m² of total area.

To achieve and maintain the desired excellence, PLAMONT implemented an integrated Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) structure to adapt to the provision of services reality. Through it, it establishes its risk prevention culture based on discipline and respect for company and customer safety procedures.

Pride to be Plamont

PLAMONT is a company that encourages, supports and believes that each employee to build their own history and is very pride to be PLAMONT and to fly the company’s flag. It offers a great work environment, a fact that favors reaching the goals established in the projects. The work with responsibility, training and commitment of employees directs the company towards loyalty and conquering new customers.

PLAMONT is driven by principles that provide agility in decisions making and that value meritocracy.

People’s development

The development of employees is one of the pillars of growth for PLAMONT. Its qualification, education and training programs are focused on the individual needs and strategic company targets. They include participation in congresses, seminars and learning programs. They involve all hierarchy levels, ensuring that all areas and positions have continuous learning.

Modern companies, such as PLAMONT, invest in employees, have strict control criteria and focus on professionalism. Consequently, they create a healthy productive environment, increase their degree of maturity, value meritocracy and generate reliance for customers. After all, it is his employees who are responsible for bringing PLAMONT’s management philosophy to the market.

Talent and teams daring are part of the PLAMONT’S growth strategy.
Design agency worker

PLAMONT meets the most different demands and to overcomes the most complex challenges. Therefore, it builds its history, consolidating long-term partnerships and becoming increasingly sustainable.