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Assembly of Rotary Railcar Dumper - VV-01 - ThyssenKrupp-MMX – Itaguaí (RJ)
Assembly of Rotary Railcar Dumper - VV-05 - Vale – Vitória (ES)

Rotary Railcar Dumpers

PLAMONT has a vast experience in rotary railcar dumpers maintenance and substitution, with logistic, staff and tools deployment, mainly in limited time operations such as plant shutdown. During operations, the activities of other dumpers are not interrupted. By this, the company guarantees success without alteration in the client’s production and schedule. 

PLAMONT has been acting several years in this activity that requires planning and a steep learning curve. Since 2001, great maintenance and substitutions have been made in several rotary raicar dumpers in Vale Vitória (ES) and São Luiz (MA), as well as total assembly of dumpers at Porto da Ilha da Madeira, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).